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Whether your clients’ retail space is a few square metres or is one of the world’s largest malls, Al Masa understands that your clients need the full flexibility for their business model you can satisfy in style with the latest in technological and digital solutions. Modern-day retail requires the utilisation of every method and opportunity to maximise its advertising potential.

Through extensive use of interactive digital signage—whether touchscreen or physical presence aware—with Al Masa, you have the range of equipment solutions that empower you in your ability to solve their growing needs as retailers. Add to this, networking, lighting and fully directable digital audio solutions that reinforce their sales message and your customers will be able to operate at their full efficiency within their chosen environment.

Also, with security systems that integrate seamlessly with your clients’ networks; projection systems that enable the use of large spaces for varied commercial use; AV furniture and presentation equipment and videoconferencing equipment and systems, there are endless possibilities for you to offer your clients.

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Unified CommunicationsRetail Interactivity and projectionRetail Video Analytics
Contact CenterDigital SignageAV systems for Shops
Networking BackbonesTransparent DisplaysBackground Music
Video CollaborationAuido Spotlights
CCTV systems
Electronic Notice Boards  


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