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Whether university, school or even nursery, the call for for technological solutions to students’ educational needs is an essential part of modern education. With developments in educational theory that have been turned into educational reality by sector manufacturers, at Al Masa, we are able to offer you the very latest solutions for your clients’ academic institutions so they are fully-integrated homes of the very latest in educational tech.

Today, schools and colleges are more than just wired for internet; they have become interactive campuses that rely on the constant interplay of competing technologies that run from the administration through the learning centres, through the physical structure of the establishment, right into the homes, and even mobile phones and tablets of students.

The ability for your clients to fast-track their technological and digital needs, is essential. The ability to connect students with staff, administration and home is now taken for granted. At Al Masa, whether there the requirement is for networked interactive whiteboards, fully digital classroom audio with studio definition sound, fully-interactive and networked lectern systems, or for interactive digital signage, we have the solution that is right fit for yourclients.

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Unified CommunicationsStudent feedback systemsDigital signage systems
Contact CenterVisualisersRich media Content
Networking BackbonesSpeech re-enforcement systemsIPTV
Video CollaborationDistance Education systemsClassroom management 
Classroom Interactivity and projectionAV systems for AuditoriaElectronic Notice Boards


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